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The Good 
I am working on a project that requires a 3D artist with some experience 3D printing to help us make a Jewelry that can house an IOT chip. We have some pretty cool ideas, but are open to yours.

The SoSo
 Groovy rendering is less important as client has a fabulous 3d printer / camera.

The Meh
Please understand that all of these commissions must be released as open source as we will be posting them in the iot chips gallery. We currently do not have any intention to sell the prints, but that shouldnt prevent someone... long story short, the files must be open source. Your real name will be what the iot chip co will credit as the author of the file. 

 This should make for pretty cool portfolio piece as the iot chip co has a pretty large community that will make the product do cool things inside the jewelry.

If you are interested, please send me a private message. 

I really do not know what to offer for this, so you must tell me what each piece will cost.

My hope is that someone can bust through these quickly at a good price so that we can afford to put several online and get some pr for the company (and the artists on the project) 

This company was previously seen in forbes and time on a 3d printed wearable device. 

I would like to hire an artist to help us improve the website of a cool bluetooth hardware company. The company was funded on kickstarter and the product has been pictured in forbes and time. The company is in Silicon Valley, so a modern look is essential. 

The websites structure is really nice, and the content they want is placed perfectly, we only need to swap out the graphics, and perhaps pick dif css colors.  (i.e. the buttons are an ugly color, two of the background images used in 

We do not need code.  Perhaps the easiest way to design the new site would be to screen cap the old site, add rulers around the buttons/page breaks/text (as that will not move/change) and then design what lays behind it. I started to do this in photoshop, when I decided I would prefer to find another cool artist to join the project.  The code is actually brand new, the live site was illustrated by developers. The code is modern, responsive, and pretty awesome actually.  

The entire home page is currently about 10k pixels long, but that includes things like a huge solid footer/header that should take very little time. 

Have time this week? If so, please PM me. We will be paying with paypal. We would prefer to pay upon completed milestones. You will need to send us your web portfolio, and if you could please make an attempt to ballpark the $/deadline, that will speed things up.



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